Denpasar is the capital of Bali and the gateway to the island. The main airport is known as Denpasar Airport but is situated 13 Km outside of the city. It is a multicultural city, full of temples and palaces. Denpasar also has some great dining and shopping options with a number of malls across the city. The Bali Arts Festival is one of the highlights of cultural activity on the island.



One of the most popular towns in Indonesia, if not in Asia, Ubud is worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. It is really a collection of villages merged into a town, but surrounded by rice paddies, jungles and rivers. There are many beautiful buildings including Hindu temples and shrines constructed in the Balinese style.

Central Region

The central region of Bali is dominated by some imposing volcanoes, some of which are still active. It is possible to climb to the rim of the craters of some, with Gunung Batur being one of the most popular.

North Bali

North Bali, less visited than south and less hectic has some fantastic diving and snorkelling spots, particularly Pulau Menjangan, some fine black sand beaches, the possibility to go canyoning and the interesting old colonial town of Singaraja. North Bali is also home to Bali Barat National Park where a wide variety of flora and fauna can be seen.

East Bali

Towering over East Bali is the mighty Gunung Agung. At 3142m, it’s an imposing volcano, with the peak often obscured by clouds. It’s possible to trek up to the summit. There are also some interesting towns such as Tenganan, set in a beautiful location and home to the Bali Aga people. The east also has some fine beaches which are much less touristy than the south.

South Bali

South Bali is best known for it’s beach resorts and nightlife. This is the region of Bali where tourists looking for sun, fun and partying will head.

West Bali

Like the north, West Bali doesn’t attract as many tourists, with the exception of Pura Tana Lot, one of the most sacred sea temples in Bali. It is one of the most visited temples in Bali. There are also some fine beaches which are becoming increasingly popular and lush jungles and rice fields.

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