Western Mongolia


Named after the Khentii mountains, Khentii aimag is a region of lush scenery bisected by numerous rivers. This is believed to be the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan. The aimag centre is Öndörkhaan. The town itself, has a number of hotels as well as restaurants and bars plus an interesting museum and a monastery dating back to the 17th century. The aimag also has some other sights worth visiting, including Chinggis Khaan monuments, stone age petroglyphs, national parks and strictly protected areas.


Situated in the far east of Mongolia, Dornod aimag receives little visitors. The area is covered in grassy steppe where a wide variety of wildlife can be seen including white-tailed gazelles and a huge variety of birds. The aimag capital is Choibalsan. The area has some spectacular scenery including Buir Nuur and Khökh Nuur lakes, national parks, nature reserves and strictly protected areas which contain a large variety of flora and fauna.


Sükhbaatar aimag, named after one of the leaders of the revolution is a relatively flat region of Mongolia consisting mainly of steppe. The capital of the aimag is Baruun-Urt, however it’s mainly a town for housing workers of the nearby mines and not a great deal of interest to tourists. However there are a number of interesting sights in the aimag including ancient carvings of stone men, many extinct volcanoes and nature reserves.