North Kalimantan

North Kalimantan borders the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak in the island of Borneo. It is a remote area of the island which contains some pristine forests. It’s not easy to get to but it can be done and if you make the effort, you will be rewarded with some of the best flora and fauna anywhere.

East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan borders Sarawak in Malaysia. The largest city is Balikpapan which has a population of just over half a million. The city has some good hotels and shopping areas plus some pleasant beaches close to the city.

Samarinda is the capital of East Kalimantan which sits along the Mahakam River. Again there are some good accommodation options and a variety of places for eating and entertainment.The river offers some excellent trips into the heart of Borneo.

South Kalimantan

The area of South Kalimantan has a varied topography and receives a high amount of rainfall. There are many rivers that flow through the province. Banjarmasin is the capital of the province. The city has a number of waterways where floating markets sell their wares.

West Kalimantan

West Kalimantan borders the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. The capital of the province is Pontianak which lies close the the equator. It is a major transport hub of the region. Other places of interest in the province include the town of Sukadana, south of Pontianak and the Danau Sentarum and Gunung Palung National Parks.

Central Kalimantan

This is by far the most visited region of Kalimantan and the place everyone heads to is the Tanjung Puting National Park to see orangutans. A slow boat up the river to see the feeding and rehabilitation centres for orangutans is a must on a trip to Kalimantan.

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