Pulau Ambon

Pulau Ambon is a fertile and mountainous island which contains the capital of Maluku province, Kota  Ambon. The island lies off the coast of the larger Pulau Seram.  The island contains volcanoes that reach just over 1,000 metres. Most tourists come to Ambon to transit on to the Banda and Kei islands.

Banda Islands

The Banda Islands are one of the most stunning places in Indonesia. From picture postcard beaches to fabulous underwater scenery, this is the reason, along with the Kei Islands, that  tourists come to Maluku. There is also some lovely Dutch colonial architecture on the islands.

Kei Islands

Tourists come to the Kei Islands for the incredible white sand beaches and turquoise seas. The islands are mainly Christian have an interesting culture. Located close to the equator, they have an average year round temperature of 30C.

Lease Islands

To really get away from it all, the Lease Islands have a really remote feel and there aren’t that many tourists that make it out here. There are some charming villages and lovely beaches which make the Lease Islands ideal for someone looking for peace and quiet.

Pulau Ternate

The centre of Pulau Ternate is dominated by the volcanic cone of Gunung Api Ganalama which stands at ober 1,700 metres. Kota Ternate is the main town and a transport hub for surrounding islands.

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