Myanmar a land once mostly off limits to tourists is now ready for exploration. With stunningly beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, ancient temples and a wonderful and diverse population, now is the perfect time to visit.

Yangon, the former administrative capital of Myanmar retains many of it’s colonial era buildings. One of Buddhism’s most sacred stupas, the incredibly beautiful Shwedagon Paya if found in Yangon. Then there is Bagan, a huge plain of ancient temples, many from the 12th century that can be explored on foot or viewed from the air with one of the best ballooning experiences you can find in the world. Inle lake is another tourist favourite with many excellent photographic opportunities on and around the lake. Also, for those with an interest in culture, it is possible to meet the many different tribal peoples that inhabit the country. The beaches are also a big draw with their soft white sand fringed with palm trees that do not have the crowds of neighbouring countries.