Nepal, stunningly beautiful and landlocked between China and India is quite literally the roof of the world, with eight out of ten of the highest mountains, including Mount Everest, situated in the country. Nepal is home to a wide variety of peoples, cultures and languages but although predominantly Hindu, there are also many other religious groups, with Buddhism being the second most commonly followed religion.

Nepal is a contrast of landscapes. Along the border with China can be found the mountainous terrain of the Himalaya which provide some of the world’s best trekking and in the south of the country, on the India border, there are the flat, hot, subtropical plains of the Terai where a wide variety of wildlife can been seen in their natural habitat. Throughout the country, roaring fast flowing rivers provide excellent rafting opportunities and Nepal is geared up for many other adrenalin inducing adventure sports.

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For a detailed description of the country, we recommend Lonely Planet Nepal.