North & Central Mongolia


Surrounding Ulaanbaatar, Töv aimag (which means central) is right in the middle of Mongolia. The landscape is a mixture of steppe and forest with some mountainous areas. The aimag capital is Zuunmod and is a pleasant place to stay when first heading out of the capital. The countryside has a wide variety of fauna, particularly birds and offers excellent hiking, horse riding and rafting in the national parks and nature reserves. Also in the aimag, can be found Chinggis Khaan’s Statue Complex, a 40m high, stainless steel coated monument to the great leader.


Right in the centre of Mongolia lies Övörkhangai aimag. The scenery consists of mountain, steppe and desert. Chinggis Khaan used the area for his winter camp. The main sight that tourists flock to see in Övörkhangai, is Erdene Zuu Khiid monastery in Karakorum, the famous ancient Mongol city. The temples date from the 16th century and the monastery was once home to around 1,000 monks. Around 90 Km from the aimag capital of Arvaikheer, lie Khujirt hot springs which is now a health spa. Further on, in the Orkhon Valley, there is the Orkhon waterfall with a 20m drop in a rather scenic area where you will find some good hikes.


An aimag with some of the best scenery in Mongolia, Arkhangai lies to the south of Khövsgöl and Bulgan aimags. It comprises of lush forests, fast flowing rivers, lakes and dramatic mountains. The capital of the aimag is Tsetserleg and is a great base for exploring the surrounding areas.


Selenge aimag, is situated on the Russian border, south of Ulan-Ude and Lake Baikal. Agriculture is a very important industry in this aimag as well as gold mining. Close to the Russian border is the aimag capital of Sükhbaatar, a quiet pleasant town. This aimag has one of the most beautiful monasteries in Mongolia - Amarbayasgalant Khiid. Built in the 18th century, it is listed as a World Heritage Site.


Bulgan aimag which has a mixture of agricultural and mining industries is a mixture of forest and grassland. The town of Bulgan is the aimag centre. There are some ancient deer stones in the aimag as well as good hiking and camping.


Situated in the far north of Mongolia, Khövsgöl aimag, which is named after Lake Khövsgöl, is a particularly scenic part of Mongolia. Touching the Russian border the scenery includes high mountains, dark pine forests and numerous lakes. The aimag capital is Mörön. One of the biggest draws to the region is Khövsgöl Nuur National Park, situated around the lake. There is a wide variety of fauna here including lynx, moose, ibex, red deer, wild board and snow leopards as well as a wide variety of birds. There are also a number of hot springs around the lake. This aimag is also home to the Tsaatan, or nomadic reindeer people.