Sorong is a coastal city in Papua and is the gateway to the Raja Ampat Islands. It is a busy port and most travellers only visit as a stopover to other parts of Papua.

Raja Ampat Islands

The Raja Ampat Islands lie off the coast of Sorong in Papua and many of them are uninhabited. They are wonderful places to visit with lush jungles and sparkling white sand beaches. Many of the islands offer excellent diving opportunities.


Jayapura is the capital of Papua and the largest city. It is served by Sentani Airport and is situated close to Lake Sentani, a large tropical, shallow lake.

Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley is one of the main reasons tourists come to Papua. It is inhabited by the Dani people, whose way of life has not changed for centuries. The valley offers amazing trekking opportunities and cultural experiences. The Baliem Valley Festival in mid August features mock battles, traditional clothing and pig feasts.


Wamena is the main town of the highland and the starting point for tours to the Baliem Valley. The town has a varied ethnic mix, with different Papuan tribes and Indonesians.

Korowai Region

The Korowai region is a remote part of Papua where the Korowai people still adhere to traditional ways of life and live in tree houses up to 20m above the ground. Tours can be made to the region which is accessed only by river.

Asmat Region

The Asmat region is another remote part of Papua, covered in rivers and swamps where the Asmat people live on houses built on stilts. The Asmat people are known for their spectacular wood carvings.

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