Southern Costa Rica

The least visited region of the country, southern Costa Rica still has many interesting sights. Parque Internacional la Amistad is an enormous protected area along the Panama border and has been declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is estimated that two thirds of all wildlife in Costa Rica is found in this park. This includes 500 species of birds, 1000 species of fern, 500 types of trees and 130 different orchids. The park is also home to numerous monkeys, jaguar and puma.

Another park worth visiting is Parque Nacional Chirripó. The park is the site of Costa Rica’s highest mountain - Cerro Chirripó. Standing at 3,280 metres above sea level, the mountain offers spectacular views of both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts for those prepared for a long, steep hike. The park also offers a huge variety of wildlife, particularly birds with an estimated 400 species in the park.

The Península de Osa is one of the most remote regions of Costa Rica but travellers that make it this far are rewarded with pristine forests, a marine reserve at Isla del Caño, dolphin and whale watching, canoeing and kayaking opportunities as well as snorkelling, diving and sport fishing.