Southern Myanmar

Ayeyarwady Region

To the south west of Yangon, lies the Ayeyarwady Region of Myanmar. This is a delta region where a number of rivers flow into the ocean. It is a rice growing region. The city of Pathein makes a good base for exploring the area.

Mon State

Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites for Buddhists in Myanmar. The gold leaf covered boulder is peculiarly balancing on the edge of a cliff on top of a mountain range. A little stupa shrine on top of the rock is believed to contain Buddha’s hair relics. This is a special place to visit and observe all aged pilgrims from all corners of the country paying homage to the shrine.

Kayin State

Kayin State is a mountainous region of Myanmar and shares a long border with Thailand. The main ethnic group here are the Karen. The state has some interesting sights, including the enormous Saddan Cave, close to the state capital of Hpa-an.

Myeik Archipelago

In the far south of Myanmar lies the Myeik Archipelago, a group of beautiful islands that remain relatively untouched with most being uninhabited. Most visitors to the region come for the excellent diving and snorkelling. At Somewhere Different, we offer short cruises around the islands.