North Sumatra

North Sumatra is populated by a mixture of Muslim and Christian peoples. One of the highlights of a visit to this region, is a trip to the Orangutan Sanctuary at Bukit Lawang. Lake Toba, a huge volcanic lake can also be found in this region. Samosir Island on the lake is home to the Batak people who are mainly Christian.

East Sumatra

East Sumatra is known as Riau and includes the Riau Islands. It has a wet, tropical climate and is one of the richest provinces in Indonesia due to the natural resources, particularly oil and gas.

South Sumatra

The little visited region of South Sumatra does have a number of attractions. The city of Palembang was once the centre of the Buddhist Sriwijaya empire. The region is a mixture of lowlands and higher peaks. There are national parks, the infamous Gunung Krakatau volcano and the Pasemah Highlands with their megalithic structures.

West Sumatra

West Sumatra has a dramatic landscaped covered in jungle, sttep slopes, ravines and waterfalls and includes the offshore Mentawai Islands. The area is inhabited by the Minangkabau people who mix Islam with traditional beliefs. The city of Padang is the gateway to the Mentawai Islands and the city itself has it’s own cuisine. Outside the city there are some fine beaches.

The Mentawai Islands are a popular surfing and trekking destination and visitors often come to see the Mentawai people with their unique culture.

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