The Gobi


Dundgobi aimag is the northern Gobi aimag. It has a varied landscape. From north to south the land changes from steppe to arid desert. The aimag capital is Mandalgobi, which is a good place to buy supplies for travel further afield. The aimag has some interesting monasteries to visit as well as good bird watching at Sangiin Dalai Nuur. The area around the mountain of Baga Gazaryn Chuluu has a variety of wildlife including eagles, foxes and wolves and the mountain itself, has a cave with an underground lake.


Dornogobi lies in the eastern part of the Gobi. It is little visited by tourists as the infrastructure is poor. The aimag capital is Sainshand. There are a number of sights of interest in the aimag, should visitors wish to venture this way including petrified trees at Süikhent, Burdene Bulag mineral springs and nature reserves.


Ömnögobi aimag lies in the far south of Mongolia, bordering China. This is the driest part of Mongolia. This region does not have the livestock that are present on the steppe, further north, but camels are plentiful. The aimag capital is Dalanzadgad, which had good services due to the number of visitors. Close to Dalanzadgad lies Yolyn Am Gorge, a spectacular canyon in the mountain valley filled with a variety of wildlife. Further on still, are the beautifully coloured “singing dunes” of Khongoryn Els which hum when the wind blows.


The south of  Bayankhongor aimag is the arid Gobi Desert, whereas the north is dominated by the Khangai mountain range. The aimag capital is also called Bayankhongor and is a good base for exploring the area. There are some interesting places to visit in the aimag including Shargaljuut Rashaan mineral springs, Bayangiin Nuruu canyon with petroglyphs and rock engravings  as well as the lake of Bööntsaagan Nuur,which has a wide variety of bird life.


Gobi-Altai is the furthest west of the Gobi aimags. The terrain is a mixture of the Altai mountain range, steppe and Gobi. The region is home to a wide variety of fauna including bears, wolves, camels, black tailed gazelles, leopard, mountain goats and wild sheep. The capital of the aimag is called Altai. There are a number of nature reserves in the area, but are rarely visited as they involve some effort getting there.