Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, with a population of 1.3 million is a thriving modern city. Most travellers begin their journey to Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar and usually after arriving an Chinggis Khaan International Airport.

In the centre of the city, lies Chinggis Khaan Square (also known as Sükhbaatar Square). The square is surrounded by government buildings and financial institutions. A number of large avenues radiate out from the square and the parliament building is found to the north of the square and the national library, to the south.

Ulaanbaatar has a large choice of hotels from basic up to 5* luxury and with any large capital the population are a mix of locals and expat foreigners. There is a large choice of restaurants of different cuisines and lively nightlife with many bars and nightclubs.

There is also good shopping that can be found in Ulaanbaatar, where a number of unique gifts can be purchased and with a growing fashion industry, it is possible to buy locally made clothing.

There are quite a few interesting sights in Ulaanbaatar, including The Bogd Khan’s Green Palace built by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, a large number of museums, temples and monasteries plus for those visiting around 11th July, Naadam or the National Games can be seen which include the three manly sports of Mongolia - horse racing, wrestling and archery.