With a turbulent history of wars and foreign rule, Vietnam is now emerging as one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. From the mountains of the north, through dense jungles, spectacular coastlines and amazing wildlife and landscapes, Vietnam has so much to offer. The bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with their wonderful restaurants and coffee houses and nightlife, contrast with the historical town of Hoi An or the tranquility of Ha Long Bay or Phu Quoc Island. For nature lovers there are numerous National Parks such as Ba Be, plus many hiking routes, particularly in the mountains of the north where it is possible to visit the many tribal villages to see a completely different way of life. Vietnam is also a fantastic place for those that love outdoor sports and around the country you can try everything from diving, snorkelling and kitesurfing, to mountain biking, kayaking and white water rafting or canyoning.