Western Mongolia


Zavkhan aimag  connects the Gobi in the south with the Khangai mountains in the west. The scenery is amazingly varied, but very few travellers make it out to these parts. However, those that do are rewarded with beautiful countryside full of many species of fauna. The main city is Ulistai, one of the oldest settlements in Mongolia. There are some wonderful camping and hiking opportunities close to Ulistai. One of Mongolia’s most sacred mountains, Otgon Tenger Uul,  is situated a couple of hours drive from Ulistai.


Uvs aimag is land of lakes and desert. Mongolia’s larges lake, Uvs Nuur is situated in this province. Tourists visit for the spectacular scenery. The main city is Ulaangom. This is a great base from which to head out on a trip to beautiful lake of Üüreg Nuur.


Bayan-Ölgii is situated in the far west of Mongolia. This is a predominantly Kazakh region of Mongolia and has more in common with the countries of central Asia than Mongolia. The main city is Ölgii and here you will see signs written in the Kazakh language. The Kazakhs of Mongolia are famous for their eagle hunters and the annual Ölgii eagle festival is popular with tourists.


South of Uvs and Bayan-Ölgii lies Khovd aimag. Khovd is bisected by the Mongol Altai mountain range and has numerous rivers that run off the mountains and disappear in the desert. The city of Khovd is the main settlement in the aimag and can be used as a base for exploring the surrounding countryside, such as the ancient cave paintings at Tsenkheriin Agui and Khar Us Nuur National Park.